Film Review: Anna Sofie Hartmann’s (2019) Giraffe

Tony Robert Cochran

Anna Sofie Hartmann brings inter-space/s to the screen in a delicate and provocative polyglot picture, Giraffe. Lisa Loven Kongsli is Dara, an ethnologist; Dara is tasked with documenting the people, places and objects – echoes – of a small Danish village set to become a motorway connecting to a not yet built tunnel crossing under the sea. The ferry is no longer fast enough for an increasingly accelerated world. Jakub Gierszal is Lucek, a laborer from Poland; his task is to dig trenches and install fiber optic cables for the influx of workers to come. These future workers will build the tunnel. Both Dara and Lucek are working, living, and fucking in an inter-space. Dara, 38, is a Norwegian living in Berlin, and Lucek, 24, is a Pole without a definite home (he is temporarily staying with his mother in her Warsaw apartment, but misses the small village where…

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